They are Wii Remotes. Also known as WiiMotes, but that's not official, brothers.

Now it is time for a story about Wii Remotes. It was created by the amazing, wonderful leader of the Spacey Gang. His name is Spaceytchi, and also he is me. Now, if you will excuse me, it is STORY TIME!!!!! Nnnnnnnnnnnnnn yah-tchi!!!KWIDDIT KUCHIPACHY LEMMY TAWK TO EM Anyway...


It was quiet that night on the cobblestoned streets near the inky black waters of the Mario Ocean.

Too quiet.

No, Luigi wasn't full from a nice, large slice of cherry pie.

NO, Toad hadn't blown up the entire city again. Not this time.

And NO, Mario DIDN'T threaten me with his STUPID SHOE!!!!

The reason behind it was none other than the four controllers of the heroes of this poor, vulnerable kingdom, nearly all of its residents being parasitic mushroom beings. These remotes had forced all of the people they ruled over to the end of their violent, meaningless lives. Even when they magically came back to life, or as they called it, they "respawned", they soon realized it was no use. The remotes were ruthless, RUTHLESS I tell you, as they shook with great power, forcing the plumbers and fungi to spin in the air, and plummet to their inevitable doom. Over and over they died, until it happened.

Game Over.

And the ones to blame for this whole mess is the terrible, merciless controllers, the Wii Remotes.

The End. Wii Remotes are evil.

Thank you! Thank you! You're a great audience! Oh hi Himespetchi (blushes) did you like my story? 😍


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