It is a video game thing. Also, Nyorotchi and Lovelitchi aren't in it. The only tamagotchi in it is Mametchi, and that's only for one game. ONE GAME I tell you! And it's just an ARCADE game! That's ridiculous! And unfair to Mametchi! And all Tamagotchis!

This is the game, in case you are curious.

Here is the plot of every single game in the Mario series:

The Mario Brothers, who call themselves plumbers, but haven't once done any plumbing, are having a nice day doing some stupid thing, when they realize that the one person they must protect with their super powers, Princess Peach, has been kidnapped by Bowser, the fire breathing turtle, yet again. The bros. must travel through 7 small islands called "Worlds", each one ending with a fight with some enemy that throws or shoots something at you, and can be killed by being jumped on or whatnot 3 times. The final eighth "World" that just happens to be named "World 8", is full of lava, and ends with a fight against Bowser, which means Mario must dodge some fire, wait for Bowser to jump, run under him, and press a switch that sends Bowser to his doom. After that, either you've beaten the game, or Bowser turns slightly larger, and you must continue whilst dodging stuff, including Bowser's hands, until a bigger switch appears for Mario to hit. This will make you win. Yay yay peach is back so she can do nothing but wait to get kidnapped again yay yay blah blah blah yak yak yak.....

And EVERY YEAR people go crazy about doing it yet again for another 60 of their well-earned dollars...

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